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I will show you how to operate my $50k+/mo digital marketing business as an affiliate working only 1-2 hours a day - an exact replica, YOURS!

A work from anywhere business in your phone.

Instant Virality Formula -Value $3999

With step-by-step instructions, go from complete beginners to getting millions of views on your affiliate offers with real fans who want to buy from you (organically)

Online Wealth Club For Marketers -Value $6000

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Build An Affiliate Funnel - VALUE $2500

Promote any product you want, and have the step-by-step instruction to show you how. Love the health niche? You got it! Enjoy the relationship niche? Absolutely! Crave success in the wealth niche? I know the feeling!

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Niche Selection Checklist -VALUE $1699

I personally stumbled from Self-Help niche to Fitness niche to Witchcraft niche, unable to decide what was best to promote for me. Once I created the champion niche selection checklist, i chose the right niche and went from $3000 a month to $25,000 a month and paid $6000 for this knowledge


AI Masterclass -VALUE $1199

The use of ai is not only important but incredibly easy when you understand why you use it - it saves you time while providing higher quality video results that increases your views and pleases your customers, this is a $2500 training I paid for that i can include for free.


Affiliate Webinar Flywheel - Value $2000

I’ll let you leverage the secret formula of Affiliate Works’ webinars that has earned me whopping $19,000 from a single webinar, so you can too! This is something i paid $10,000 to learn, i’ll let you use it for free.


Influencer Brand Boost Method -Value $6997

On account of Instagram being the most secure platform for business, i’ll show you the proven methods I used to grow from 160k to 240k followers grossing $55k in sales in one month, something I paid $25,000 to learn.

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  • Plus, Ai masterclass for leading edge tools

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You simply don’t want to miss out on the pre-made and pre-built Affiliate Funnel to deliver $500-$3k/day, with all the benefits of working 1:1 with me as your Affiliate Marketing expert mentor.

JT Foxx, #1 Wealth Coach in the world

Now you have the opportunity to be coached by me, the very best, Nigel Lavers, a true champion mentor, and also model/copy everything I do while I am building an 7 figure per year digital marketing business.

The very same strategies that you'll learn in AffiliateWorks Tools & Training have made me $250k dollars in affiliate commissions in just 12 months when I started affiliate marketing business from ground zero, and now over $500k USD.

When you join the AffiliateWorks mentorship program, Nigel is giving you this exclusive bonus coaching package to personally help you get to +$10K per month income in affiliate commissions in just 65 days or less.

Can YOU do it? You bet you can.

My student Miriam offering testimony to the value of the course and DONE-FOR-YOU systems.

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Not only have i gone from struggling entrepreneur to making +$50k/mo online, but i'm working with some of the most brilliant mentors in the industry. I myself have hundreds of students following in my footsteps getting aha! after aha!--that is, pushing the boundary of "what am I capable of!" Life changing income–that’s what!

Tommy Hilfiger & Wife Dee, Billionaire Fashion Moguls

So the doors are open to Nigel’s intimate 1:1 coaching where he will also give you 12-months access to the weekly LIVE zoom strategy sessions to show you everything you need to do to go viral, attracting attention, and driving raving fans to your affiliate offers!

This is exactly what Nigel is doing and he is already sharp leading the charge on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook ready to teach you to do the same promoting any affiliate offer you want!

Yeah, anything you have your heart set on. Don't worry, regardless of your niche, you want to be profitable!

I understand that you want to provide for your family, buy a home for your mom, get your kids (and yourself) free from debt, etc. You also want financial freedom because you are sick and tired of your 9-5 job. Further, you want to travel and buy whatever you want without looking for the bargain bins and eating mac and cheese while not being able to provide much more than Friday nights in watching cable TV.

I UNDERSTAND where you are looking to go. You're on this page for a reason, you want to dominate affiliate sales so you can live the life you love and create financial freedom.

Your search is over. I'm here to help you get results 10X Faster than if you had to figure it out on your own.

Jeremy Piven, 3x Emmy Award Winner & Millionaire Actor

My student Isabel earning an affiliate commission with my referral and coaching help

My student Danny earning an affiliate commission with my referral and coaching help



Are you ready to stop the overwhelm and get clarity on exactly what the steps you need to take next?

Are you ready to start getting momentum by working with me, as I show you everything you need to go from zero to your first $10,000 affiliate marketing with super affiliate mentorship? Are you ready to duplicate my daily method of operation to close $500-$3K+ per day just like I do?

Are you ready to learn how I made five-figures a week with premium priced digital products of others?

Are you ready to have all of my emails, my REELs scripts, and marketing materials to copy, paste, tweak and PROFIT with along with a 99% done-for-you business that earns you your commissions on autopilot?

Are you ready to end the weeping behind all of those bitter arguments about money between you and your loved ones? I am going to let you leverage my online business and teach you my secrets within my coaching program. Yes, I take care of training your referrals and help you make sales.

Are you ready to have the 1-Year of “kick you into shape” weekly coaching where I'm going to show the latest strategies I'm using to scale my digital marketing business to $500k/mo in commissions?

If this sounds like you, COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE NOW

Tim Gannon, Billionaire Founder of Outback Steakhouse

Do you have to re-invent the wheel to become an affiliate? No!

In fact, you can simply leverage the results of other brands' products, and be a solution provider working 1-2 hours per day.

This means your attitude determines your altitude!

How much money do you want to make??

Look, there isn't any creativity really required! Just find what's already proven to work, and promote it to your audience!

Need to build an audience? That's what mentorship is for... I'll show you how.

Need to avoid the tech nightmare of building websites? That's what mentorship is for... I'll build it for you!

Matt Henry sending a messenger chat expressing satisfaction with commission earned through my referral and coaching help

Lindsay sending a messenger chat expressing satisfaction with commission earned through my referral and coaching help

If you've failed at other online businesses and felt stuck, then i know you aren't a quitter, and I know you aren't lazy.

You were just missing the mentorship to help you see the light through the frustration!

As soon as I got my first mentor I made $6k in my first 90 days because of the skills I learned in gather attention... !!

Then, $70k in my first 6-months, and $250k in my first year...

While being just an ex-carpenter.

I tried drop-shipping products from China, promoting $5 books on Amazon, running 5-day challenges, and even trying print-on-demand t-shirts.

Nothing worked! I'm just not a creative person - i was better off promoting the already proven products of others...

I made my pathway to success marketing. Affiliate marketing!

Elizabeth Hurley, Estee Lauder Supermodel & Actress

If you aren't sure what you want to promote, then I have a team dedicated to helping you choose the right affiliate products to serve your audience!

In fact, my niche selection checklist will go further than any YouTube star will ever take you... and actually give you the hand holding help you need to make your first $100,000 online promoting anything you want!

If you have the finesse to make $100,000 online... then you have the ambition to make 7-Figures! Ho ya! Affiliate marketing works!

What separates super affiliates that make sales effortlessly and affiliates that struggle to make any sales at all is a little bit of VIP Webinar Service.

Not only will i let you leverage my existing webinars, but i will offer you the chance to go VIP and have your name featured on the headlines.

Get extra coaching support when you go VIP and also find my shoutouts earning YOU sales so that YOU end up on the top of the leaderboards!

With my affiliate program I have cash bonuses available every quarter, which include $5000 available to you, in prize money... What! What!

Wayne Gretzky, G.O.A.T. NHL Hockey Hall of Famer

Jakub sending a messenger chat expressing satisfaction with commission earned through my referral and coaching help

Brett sending a messenger chat expressing satisfaction with commission earned through my referral and coaching help

Derik Fay, 9-Figure Entrepreneur

Riding the crazy train of another 30 years at a dead-end job just has to stop.

And so does the constant cycle of cheap $97 course after cheap $97 course!

There's no reason to keep betting your Friday night dinner on an online course that doesn't include mentoring!

Master Resell Rights? What?! You mean another program that has a success rate of only 0.01%?

Look, unless you find an Affiliate program like mine with real mentoring, you'll be stuck wondering what "gift" those lucky people have that makes them successful...

Here comes the "gift" drop... IT'S LIVE 1:1 MENTORING!

MJ sending a messenger chat expressing satisfaction with commission earned through my referral and coaching help

MJ posting on Facebook expressing satisfaction with commission earned through my referral and coaching help

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is now. It's time to get started on living the life you want, and with the goal you have in mind, the only thing left to do is leave behind your fears by getting into action...

Be fearless and join in the likeness of other champion level affiliates as we all follow in the footsteps of greatness.

Ready to get some hand holding LIVE 1:1 MENTORING?

Joe Foster, Billionaire Founder of Reebok

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